Unfriended yet again on Facebook. This time over Israel.

So today I was unfriended by another hippy like individual. This gentleman was trying to justify why it was ok for Palestinians to bomb Israel. “They had their land stolen from them forcibly, just like the native Indians in America.” Ok, let’s say this was the case, does that then justify bombing civilian targets in Israel? This guy became upset with me because I suggested that Israel could defend itself. I don’t know about you guys, but if you shoot into my house, attempting to kill my family, I’m going to shoot back. In fact, I’ll be using an even bigger gun.

People always expect the right to take this “high road.” In a fight, the enemy bites you, kicks you in the nuts, pulls out a blade, but you are expected to slap box to the body. If you punch them in the head, or bite them back, then they become offended. This is the mentality of the left. They can play dirty, but the minute you try to fight back, when someone proposes that you pull out your own blade, or bite them back, then you are the bad guy and it is wrong. The mentality on the far left is ridiculous.

Guys like this man are intelligent, but insane at the same time. Once again, like I have said many times before, good riddance! You will not bully me into accepting your views. I wish that these issues could be sorted out peacefully. I don’t want anyone to die, on either side. However; if someone shoots at you, then in my opinion, you are justified in shooting back.

Due to the threat of legal action, we had to pull the actual conversation. Apologies, use your imagination. 

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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