Over At United Airlines Training Camp

I’m sure you’ve all seen the brutal treatment of a passenger on a United Airlines flight by Chicago Aviation Law Enforcement. You’ve also seen the tone deaf letter that the CEO wrote, practically blaming the guy for not debarking. But, have you seen this raw, secret footage of United Airline Pilots in training? Take a look, and fly with someone else.

Oh, last point. For those of you trying to shift the focus here. How does the doctor exchanging drugs for sex have any relevance to what happened at United? Why is the media trying to shift blame, or defame this person’s character when someone else did something wrong? So he likes sex, great, so do most of us. He allegedly is lacking in ethics. Okay, once again, what the hell does that have to do with this situation? Why is it relevant? Why bring it up? Are you that deprived of news?

I’d love to see what these jerks would come up with for me if I was ever beaten down by law enforcement. Piss off. This has absolutely nothing to do with what they did to him you vulture scumbags.

Now watch the video and get me some damn youtube revenue!

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Angel Rodriguez

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