Violent democrats threaten pastor for supporting GOP

These democrats, no matter what, if you stand against them, they attack you. Not even a pastor is immune, even if they have the people’s best interest at heart. These animals will simply threaten, attack, and rob you if you vote for, or support someone other than who they do. You should have seen the looks I received when I went to the polls and they saw me listed as the only Republican on the list. AND WHAT? I’LL CUT YOU BITCH!

Look, voting is just that, a vote. If you don’t want the GOP guy to be the governor, then get your butt out there and vote for the democrat. Don’t threaten someone who votes differently than you do. Do you realize how that makes you look? Like freaking animals, using violence to achieve your ends. It is disgusting, and you need to stop that crap. Have I offended you? I hope so, because your behavior is offensive. Robbery, threats, voter intimidation are not okay!

Considering how much you democrats cry and whine about having to register to vote, you certainly have an interesting way of trying to force opponents to vote your way.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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