Viverito and Deblasio Want Rikers shut down

Have any of you wondered why Viverito and Deblasio want Rikers shut down? What’s the point of shutting down this jail, and then making a bunch of mini jails throughout the boros?

I’ve seen some scuttlebutt (rumors) that indicate that some real estate developers want to build luxury condos on the island. I don’t know how true or false this is, but it really doesn’t sound like something that could be all that far fetched. This wouldn’t be the first time that Mayors and real estate people were known to be in bed together. This hustle is as old as time itself. Ask Jersey Governor Christie, “No endorsement? Watch what happens to your bridges!” Favors, hustle, all the same.

Recently, I had some damn railings installed on my balcony to meet some new law requirements. Yeah, you know what I think? I think it’s bullcrap and that someone’s nephew owns the damn construction company. Those railings they installed will only make it easier for me to jump off the balcony as I now have something to boost myself up with. But, they claim it’s there to make me safer. Please, GFY.

I don’t doubt that there is some long term agenda to make the place into some exclusive neighborhood, and that money, or favors are involved. Really, can someone tell me what the benefit is in closing the jail?

It’s not like this will address the gang problems, or the actual criminal element. All this accomplishes is giving them a new home. But what is the benefit to society? How does this help reform or otherwise improve the prison population?

Maybe I’m missing something, and I’m not above being educated, so if anyone out there has a viewpoint that I may be missing, please do share it with me. As it stands, I see zero benefit coming from this closure, except lining the pockets of real estate companies who may build new prisons, and possibly some luxury condos.

Finally, who wants jails in our backyards?

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