Wacky Liberal professor caught on film.

If you are a Conservative and follow Conservatives sites, then you have heard of this ridiculous professor from the University of Southern California, Darry Sragow. If you are Liberal and don’t follow Conservative sites, then you probably haven’t heard about this knucklehead. That is OK, this is why The Hidden Report exist! We are going to tell you all about this man.

A 2o year old conservative student, Tyler Talgo was absolutely fed up with the liberal professors at USC. Most of us know that Universities these days are notorious for attempting to indoctrinate their students. Tyler realized that Sragow was going to be a super liberal professor from the moment he met him. He confirmed it when the professor went on an anti-republican political rant for most of the lecture. Tyler reached his boiling point and decided to record his classes via a hidden shirt camera and provided the video to the media.

Unless I have missed something, I have not heard of this man receiving any form of disciplinary action whatsoever. As I have always understood it, and please correct me if I am wrong, educators are supposed to educate. If you watch this instructor though you’d think he has aims of becoming a standup comedian. He states and I paraphrase “Republicans are the last of stubborn, angry, old white people”, then it is like he waits for some laughter. Punch line…

Let us reverse this for a moment. What do you think would happen if a conservative teacher was recorded by a liberal student saying “Democrats are all minorities that are lazy and want free things from the Government”.

Every news outlet would have this story front and center, Al Sharpton would already be marching, and the ACLU would be filing lawsuits against the school and the teacher. We would be watching some politician on NBC stating “We’ve come a long way, but obviously not far enough when a huge university professor can’t speak ill about any demographic and get away with it.” Next there would be demands that this professor be fired. But since it is the other way around, it is a liberal that said these things, all the “activists” are quite silent. It is pathetic.

This teacher should be disciplined for this. Isn’t it funny though, that he calls Republicans Stubborn, Old, white people, but he himself is an old stubborn white guy? Dreadfully boring too might I add, thank God I’m done with school. Can you imagine having to sit through this monotone boring instructor’s brainwashing course? Dear lord!

More and more we are seeing universities become brain washing grounds for the feeble minded that are unable to form their own personal opinions. This needs to stop, educators need to be forced to focus on educating in a unbiased manner and cut out this personal views crap.

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