When to walk away from a conversation.

Lately I have noticed that as I speak with some people, that they are heavily preoccupied with another form of electronic conversation, be it email, text, Facebook, etc.  Other times I’ll be engaged in a conversation with someone and I’ll see them looking elsewhere or showing an absolute lack of interest for the conversation.  I find this utterly rude and quite irritating.

In the past I would focus on completing the conversation and gaining the persons undivided attention, whether they wanted to or not. These days I simply can’t be bothered wasting my energy like that and I usually just end mid-sentence and walk away. My time is valuable, my words are valuable, my advice is valuable, my experience is valuable, so why accept this rudeness? Why waste my time?

I know I have been guilty of spending time on the phone, texting and doing those very things I now abhor, but I have improved greatly. When having a conversation, particularly an important or sensitive one I put the phone away, or simply keep it away from myself while we talk.

To be honest, I think that some people take me for granted and don’t appreciate what I have to share. I often share my unfinished music/writing and work with some people, but very few things offend me more than being in the middle of sharing a creative, emotional piece and then being ignored.

Dealing with an artist, you should know what a special privilege it is to be granted access to unfinished work. If you can’t appreciate that, then you certainly do not deserve that position. When the time comes, you can buy the album or buy seats to the concert. I have pretty much ceased sharing my incomplete/in progress work with anyone. The only people that I show it to these days are the ones I collaborate with. Lately I have become selective where I share my time and words, I have realized that not everyone is worthy of my efforts.

What are you thoughts on this topic?

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