Watching out for the next generation.

My eyes are always open for potential, and also for when someone doing the right things may need a hand. That’s not to say I won’t help others, but there is something about helping someone that helps themselves that is very uplifting. When I see this I attempt attach myself to it so that I  may nurture it and aid it along if ever necessary.

This morning I spent a few moments speaking with a young man that works in my neighborhood. We often greet one another but we’ve never actually spoken at length. During our chat he explained to me that he was exhausted from work and going to school. I decided that it was time to make a real connection. I offered my card with an extended hand and a “I’ve never gotten your name”. Carlos. Carlos, you may not realize it yet, but I got your back homie!

I told Carlos that we should connect so we can keep in touch more easily. My plan is to watch his journey down what I consider the right path, and if an opportunity presents itself where I may be of assistance, then I will. My man Papo Swiggity from Capicu always says “Elevacion”, and though I’m new to the frequent use of the term itself, I have been “elevating” the people around me for my entire life.

We have to keep an eye out for our young up and comers and help them on the tough journey, if we don’t, then who will?

Elevacion! (Shoutout to Papo for his catchphrase.)

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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