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I think we all know that water is essential to life. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, it sustains life on our planet, and it’s also becoming a scarce commodity. Some parts of the world do not have access to clean drinking water, and in some cases its happening right here at home. Some people have tried to control the water supply and profit from it.

For those individuals who don’t have access to drinking water, the only option is bottled water. There are major bottled water operations going on all over the world. Some owned by corporate giant Nestle. In a Bloomberg article I recently read the stated that one plant pumps out nearly 3.5 million water bottles A DAY. A DAY. Clearly there is big money in bottled water. Some places rely on bottled water so much, that instead of asking for water, they say, “Give me a nestle.”

Recently I was invited to take part in a focus group about water. I’m not sure whether or not I’m allowed to discuss the specifics, so I won’t. However, the talk was quite interesting. I was asked about what watered bottle companies I used, knew and favored. I was also asked my general opinion about the companies and who I thought they were marketing to. The conversation was quite interesting and if you know me, you know I was very blunt and honest.

Without getting too political, some argue that water is a right, while others seek to control and profit from what we should all have access to. I’m curious to see how things proceed going forward regarding these water bottle giants as well as the public’s access to clean drinking water.

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