We all want what the other has!

In life, we all want what the other has! Fat people want to lose weight, thin people want to gain weight, and flawless people want to attain a higher level of flawlessness. Married people yearn for the days of hunting and being single, single people want to be married. Basically, we are never satisfied, this is the human condition.

As I ordered my meal some time ago, the cashier asked me if I still worked at the gym? I replied that I did, and then she asked me how she can go about gaining weight on her hips? As she demonstrated her body to me, and where she wanted to gain weight, I told her to never, ever, ever say that around other women! She asked me why? I said, this that you have now, this “problem,” this body that you are demonstrating to me, which displeases you, this is what many women who go to the gym are after. You are already there, and you want what they are trying to get rid of. They will murder you, they will straight up murder you!

Okay, obviously I’m exaggerating a bit, but you folks get my point. Her body is slim, tiny waist, thin legs, thin arms, and to my eyes, frankly quite pleasing. Especially when modeling it the way she was. I wonder if she thinks I’m gay? Or maybe she doesn’t know that I’m still a 12 year immature infantile perv? Again, I’m exaggerating, but I’m sure you catch my humor, and if you don’t, well, go to Vanity Fair and read their articles, meh?

In any case, she told me that her female doctor told her to gain weight, and pointed to certain areas. This bothered me quite a bit. First of all, a doctor should know better than to create these hangups in another woman. Secondly, she should know that the same way you can’t “target reduce” when it comes to weight loss, you can’t “target gain” when it comes to putting it on. I explained this to my friend at the restaurant. I think the doctor is envious of her beautiful body.

To answer her question though, my advice was to consider a strength training regiment. I do not recommend gorging on food, or trying to take an excess of calories in order to try and “gain weight” in  your hips, or your ass or anywhere for that matter. You can’t pick where fat goes, and it just might choose your belly! Feel me? Not to mention that it’s obviously not healthy for you overall! The only way a thin person like that can “target” any one area is with weight training. Even then, I’d advise a full body training regiment, with perhaps a little extra TLC on the specific areas you are trying to enhance.

With some proper strength training and a good diet you can tone, enhance, and maybe add a little weight to your frame. She’s very petite, I mean, my arm is as big as her waist! So this is her frame, and there’s not much that can be done about that. Genetics factor into this thing as well. Before leaving, I reiterated that she was a very beautiful woman, and we all have the right to pursue our happiness, and what makes us happy. I know that what I may view as perfect, others may hate, I get that. But I told her to love and appreciate her body, because one day in the future it may change, and then she may long for the days when gaining weight was a problem. That being said, if she still wants to improve on it, she now has some basic information on how to proceed.

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