Men Wearing Spandex

Today as I was drying off at the gym, I was standing around in my underarmour underwear. I remembered the times when I used to train in really short, tight spandex shorts.

There was this one time that one of the guys whom I knew was staring at me, and sucking his lips. I went over and asked him “Dude, what the hell are you doing?” He replied, “Papi, we are friends, and I mean no disrespect, but what do you expect when you come to the gym in superman shorts?”

This made me laugh, and I realized he had a point. I was wearing a super tight, short sleeve shirt, and some super short tight spandex. Could I blame him for salivating? I looked pretty damn good!

Today I saw a guy come out on the floor with something similar, except he didn’t make it look as good as I did. Puhlease! So I had two people who I hadn’t seen in a while compliment me on my progress today. One of them said that I actually looked like a completely different person, that even my face shape changed. I humbly thank them, and said that its all in hard work and determination.

This got me to thinking, as my body returns to a better place, will I start to wear those spandex again? Should I start wearing the superman underwear outfit again?

I don’t think I will, I’m older and slightly more reserved, though I’ll definitely start wearing tighter shirts! That’s a given! I actually already have them, but I wear them underneath! Once I achieve my goals, I’ll definitely stop wearing the looser top layer that I currently wear. But the tight spandex? Hmmm, I never say never, but that one is quite unlikely. LOL.

I think as your body changes, your confidence rises, and it is a natural progression to want to show off your hard earned progress. Especially when you were nearly 300 pounds just under a year ago!


So, should I do the spandex? How do you feel about men wearing spandex?

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