Westboro Church plans to protest Connecticut children funerals.

The Westboro Baptist Church in their infinite insanity has been tweeting and sharing out information stating that they intend to protest at the burials of  the children killed during the mass shootings at Connecticut. They claim that since this was one of the first states that supported “fag marrying” that this is God unleashing his wrath upon their people. Much like the Sodom and Gomorrah of past.

I’m not going to make this post about religion and whether or not God is real, that’s a personal topic that you need to explore.  This post is about what kind of sick human being takes pleasure in the death of innocent children and has the audacity to protest at a slain child’s funeral under the guise that it’s God’s doing.  It’s bad enough that they have the nerve to protest against the men and women that keep our country free, giving them the right to even protest, but to then take this stance against innocent children and disturb the families that are suffering so much? These people are sick beyond comprehension.

I honestly hope that some folks out there will show up and put them in their place. If you know me, you know that I have very strong views, and you can replace “put them in their place” with any number of things, things that I don’t want to write because should it happen, I don’t want to be blamed or questioned for it. But let’s just say they deserve anything they get.

The hacker group Anonymous has taken issue with these people and their insane plans, posting out personal information about the Church members. Many have come forward praising Anonymous for this, let’s have people showing up at their homes protesting their sick ways and see how they like it. Sick, sick, sick people. I am measuring my words and anger here, but these people deserve whatever they get.

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