What Is Streaming Video App Blab?

What is streaming video app Blab
What is streaming video app Blab

Odds are very high that you have not yet heard of or used the video streaming site Blab.im. I know this because when I tell people about Blab, they ask me: “What is streaming video app blab?” It happens on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and in person.

Blab is the next great thing in video streaming. For the time being, it is free and there are no ads on there. As I understand it from the random scuttlebutt, they are very well funded. From what I have seen and experienced myself, once you blab, you never go back. The video app is highly addictive, and lets you video chat in a way that you’ve never done so before.

What is streaming video app Blab?

In a nutshell, it’s community video conferencing on steroids. I think that everyone who uses the service will agree that the number one advantage blab has over Google Hangouts, Periscope, Meerkat, and the other services is engagement.

I can start a blab this very second, and people will either join in to watch, or if they choose to, and I allow it, join in with me and have a discussion on the topic of choice, or just shoot the breeze. The more engaging the topic, the more engaging you are, the higher chances of getting and retaining listeners.

Let’s Talk About the technical usage of blab.

In order to start a blab, you simply press, start a new blab. Woh! Is it really that simple? Yes, yes it is. Click that button, and you are now officially a blabber! Interestingly enough, every time I go on blab, I meet at least one new blabber who’s coming on for the first time. Everyday they are growing.

You have the option to record the blab, or go “off the air.” If you record it, it will later be available for replay, and you will also receive an email with a link to the video and audio which can be used for podcasts, youtube, or whatever the hell you want. You will also have available to you in the email, an embed code which allows you to directly embed the blab on your site or what not. I’ll be using that myself to demonstrate below.

What is streaming video app Blab
What is streaming video app Blab

Joining Blab.

When you first come aboard, you are asked to join via twitter. This is the method I used, and I highly recommend it because that will drive engagement to twitter, and bring engagement from twitter. This is a good thing, especially if you have a big following on twitter.

Users do not need an account to watch you, but they do need one if they want to blab, or engage in the chat room functionality. However, if your fans simply want to watch you, they can click on your blab and come in as lurkers.

Hosts and Guests on Blab.

When you start a blab, you are the “host” of that particular blab. You have the power to kick people out, make them “cohosts” and to allow “guests” on the blab. It is recommended that you have at least one cohost, because if you are dropped from the blab because of web connection, etc, you will lose it altogether. Although, I do think that they recently added functionality that allows you to restart a blab shortly after being dropped. My guess is that this was setup to protect against that issue.

Once you start the blab, random people will come in and chat with you. This is where blab shines! The number of people that I have met on here is amazing. Nearly everyone has been extremely friendly, cool, and helpful. So far I’ve participated in several religious blabs, SEO blabs, cop Q&As, random hangouts, and I’ve hosted a Q&A on Islam, along with a few Walking Dead blabs.

So far in my experience, there have only been two individuals who came into the video chat and acted stupid, but as the host, you can immediately moderate and kick them out. You will always run the risk of trolls on any platform, that is to be expected.

Do I recommend becoming a blabber on blab?

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a huge fan of blab. More than anything I enjoy the engagement on the platform. I love how I can just load the website (or the mobile app) and simply jump into a conversation on a topic that interests me. I love how easy it is to ask the experts or commentators questions, and more often than not they will respond.

I’ve encountered a few who were jerks and totally ignored me, but my time on their blab was extremely short lived. The whole concept of blab is engagement, and if you are ignoring the blabbers, well, you can get the blab out of here! Go blab yourself you blabhole!

Check out this very, very long blab that I did with Gibran Malik on Islam, Christianity, and media manipulation. We covered a lot of ground. This is a replay of the blab, but it will give you a very good idea of how the blab platform actually works. This was the first time that Gibran used Blab, as well as the first time I met the folks who joined us in the chat.

Please note that blab is still in beta, and it is constantly changing. However, this is a brief overview to get you over there! Follow me at @angelrdotme.

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