When she tells you to go deeper, but you’re all outta dick!

So I posted this meme a few days ago: When she tells you to go deeper, but you’re all outta dick! I got a few messages on my IG dms from men. I won’t be sharing any details on that, well, because it’s fucking private. However, I’ll respond to them here as well as on the DMs.

Look fellas, I’m no sex or dick expert. However, there is something that I know to be an irrefutable truth, I’ll share that with you now. Whatever size dick that you have, that’s your dick. There is nothing, absolutely nothing (short of some really dangerous surgery) that you can do to change that.

If you are fat, you can do cardio, diet, and slowly lose weight. If you got fucked up teeth, you can get braces and over time have straight teeth. But when it comes to your dick, there ain’t shit you can do.

Some guys are blessed (sometimes cursed) with massive cocks. Sure, it would be nice to have a massive cock, but if you don’t, what the fuck can you do about it? Really, stop, and then think about it, what can you do? Once you realize that there isn’t anything you can do about it, you will be liberated.

This guy wrote me and told me about his dimensions, now mind you, he didn’t describe a micro-penis, he’s just not packing a 9 incher. Okay, so what? You have enough to please a woman, please yourself, and get all parties involved to orgasm.

Sure, someday you’ll come across a girl who will say that your cock is small, and guess what? That shit will fucking shake your ego to the core, and then you’ll know that this girl ain’t a good fit (literally) for you, and you’ll find someone else.

Every man wishes that his cock was bigger, especially in our very ego driven society. Know that this insecurity is not unique to you, but to many other men. The thing is that most won’t admit it. Well, fuck them. Just cause they don’t have the guts to admit it, it doesn’t mean it’s not present. Take comfort in that.

Finally, if you go inside a vagina, and it feels good, you enjoy it, why the fuck you gonna worry about shit like your cock or the other guys she’s been with? She’s there with you, she’s enjoying you, she wants you, well go ahead and give it your all man. Enjoy the sex, let her enjoy you, and do your best to ignore those insecurities!

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