Why does my dog try to eat everything

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a picture of her cat, and a very large incision going across its stomach. She said that the cat had a very expensive surgery to remove all sorts of non-edible stuff from his intestines and stomach.

Having a new puppy of my own, seeing this terrified me. Especially since Peppa tries to eat everything that fits in her mouth. This dog has no chill. At home we do our best to keep the floor clean and free of little crap that she can eat. But she literally sniffs every nook and cranny of the apartment in search of something to eat. I’ve even caught her trying to eat the floor! WTF, Peppa?

My dog has found nuts that we didn’t even know existed! She tries to eat pieces of the rugs, paper, her wee wee pads, anything and everything. When we walk her, if she can fit it in her mouth, she’ll try to eat it. So we have to be ever vigilant with her, especially outside! This crazy dog would eat a chard of glass if we didn’t monitor her every move! That makes for a very stressful walk!

I don’t understand why that is though? Aren’t dogs supposed to know what’s good for them, and what isn’t? I’m telling you, if I don’t stop her, she’ll eat it all! It’s very stressful for me because I don’t want her to go through what that poor cat went through. After her spaying surgery, and seeing how unhappy she was, unless absolutely necessary, I’d never want to put her through something like that again.

Anyone have advice on this?



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