Why is Andrea Rebello dead?

When I read a story like this I get very, very angry for so many reasons. Why is this young woman that was just starting out in life and doing no wrong dead? Why is she dead?

Let me tell you why, because some idiots that run the prison system believed that this dirt bag, Dalton Smith was ready to come back out into society. They let him out of prison earlier than his sentence dictated, a sentence that I bet was probably too short to begin with.

As I understand it, he was in prison on an armed robbery charges. So he comes back out of prison because of his “exemplary behavior”, gets a gun, and starts to commit…. Wait for it.. Wait for it…  Armed robbery!

Now an innocent woman is dead. Granted, it was an officer’s bullet that killed Andrea, but Dalton may as well had been the one to pull the trigger. I am fairly certain that no officer would have intentionally killed this young woman.

When will society understand that violent criminals cannot be let back out into society.  Many people want to stop gun violence, and though this topic does not directly involve the gun debate, it does involve a criminal that used a gun to commit his crimes. If we were harder on people like that, then things like this wouldn’t happen.

I stated before that the law should give anyone that uses a gun to commit a crime, an additional 10 years right of the bat. 10 years with no parole on top of the time they will get for the actual crimes committed. In this case we are talking, 10 years for the gun crime, plus whatever time would be handed down for the armed robbery. That’s how you stop gun violence, and that’s how you keep people safe.

Our hearts are with Andrea and her loved ones. Rest in peace beautiful lady.

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