Why Not To Buy Twitter Followers

When I first got Twitter, I made the grave mistake of buying some followers. I thought it worked like Facebook, where they promote your account, and people take an active interest and follow you.


I paid some service for 10,000 followers. So my number of followers jumped from 3,000 to 13,000 within minutes. The speed with which it happened was the first red flag. So I started to examine all of the accounts, and I saw that they all appeared to be fake or bots. Most followed the same 1,000 people, and had like 2 followers.

I decided to run the website “Status fake followers” against my account, and there it was! It confirmed my suspicions and listed that 85% or so of my followers were fake. (Don’t quote my math, I’m sure it’s off.)

I couldn’t have that. I’m an honest man in the social media spectrum, and could not have my reputation tarnished like this. So I went through and manually removed 10k followers. Hours later, the company that I bought them from thought it was a glitch on twitter and added them all again!

I was extremely annoyed and told them that I manually removed all of their fake followers, and I asked them to stop adding them back to my account please. Deleting all of those fake users took me hours, I had to make sure I didn’t block real accounts. It was a very painful lesson learned.

So, unless you want to be viewed as fraud, don’t buy fake followers. Believe me, we can find out in an instant. Especially if the jump happens overnight. I’ve seen it, I check, and it’s always the same story. Fake followers.

It makes you look really bad and dishonest. If you have fake followers, trust me, we know.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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