With Will Collazo talking life

Today’s upload features movie Director and fellow Mixed Martial Arts fighter and BJJ practitioner, Will Collazo. We had an idea of what we were gonna cover, but we completely went off script. Here comes 90 minutes of raw, unedited, unscripted real talk!

We talk about the gentrification of our NYC neighborhoods, growing up in the hood and our Latino identity as guys who look white. We also talk about transexual porn (which I watched out of curiosity) and other transexual issues. We touch on the guy who was charged for murder in the beating death of a would be rapist. Pedophiles and how we deal with them comes up. Then finally we talk about an idiot who says that women are beneath men!

You’ll hear all this and more on today’s super late 2016 upload! Bare in mind, there may have been some updates to any news stories and even our views since then. However, there was too much great material to not share this one! Click here to download or press play below.

Thanks to Will Collazo for coming on!