We will all die, but being fit is about quality of life!

We will all die, but being fit is about quality of life! These last few weeks, as a very, very fit friend battled for her life, I often found myself wondering, “What’s the point?” Yesterday, she lost her fight and transitioned to her next journey. My beautiful, strong, super fit friend succumbed to her injuries after having an aneurysm which led to a stroke.

As this happened, I kept wondering, what’s the point? Why do we spend so many hours training, so much money dieting, and doing things to improve our health, when at the end of the day, you get taken just the same. I am fully aware that we can all go at any point, and that there are no guarantees in life, but you’d never expect someone like her to leave the world this way. It just seems so unreal and unbelievable to me. A part of me still hopes this is all just a bad dream like the many I’ve been having lately. But, I’m realizing it’s real.

Right now, I’m terribly sad, and I’m prone to being down. However, my mind is still clear on things. I am still able to think logically. Yes, she’s gone, but during her time here, she was healthy and lived a good life. She lived the way she wanted to, and she was one of the fiercest, most dedicated, and strongest participants in all of the classes! I took notice of her, before she even came to my gym, last year during Thanksgiving at the Elmhurst location.

Who is this woman, carrying on, screaming, and making grunting noises the way I do? I think I like her, I think I like her a lot! Lisa, I found us an equal!

Though I cannot prove this, I must believe that her training, and high level of fitness may have possibly delayed that which was to come. I have to believe it, because all that work can’t be for nothing. I really hoped that her high level of fitness would have pulled her through, but it didn’t. So now I’m left to think that it possibly delayed the inevitable?

In my case, there is no question that my quality of life has improved. Not only has how I look improved, but my migraines have ceased, and that constant discomfort I felt has mostly gone away. When I was heavier, I had all sorts of health issues, and I was headed down a dangerous path. Even if I die tomorrow, these days that I am living, are being lived more comfortably. That’s what I mean when I speak on quality of life.

My friend died, and you and I can die at any given moment. It can happen naturally, it can be a train hitting us, or any other reason. The point is, that though death is inevitable, while we are alive, we can try to live life as comfortably as we can. Yes, we will die anyway, but do you prefer a life of illness and discomfort, or would you rather look good and feel good until that fateful day comes? I choose the latter, and I’m sure that’s what she’d want to me to do as well!

This post is as much for me as it is for you. I tend to drift really far in extremes when it comes to my emotions, so this is a personal reminder to keep myself in check. Be sad, mourn the loss of your friend, but do not destroy yourself in the process.

Rest in peace my dear Tiffany.

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