I Will Kidnap And Behead An American!

This may sound like the beginning of a joke, but it is not. Two drunk Muslim men enter a bar, when they are refused more alcohol, they go on a rampage and attack the patrons. 911 is called, and by the time they arrive the two men have already left the establishment. However, not before creating a lot of property damage and injuring several patrons, they are eventually caught and arrested. During the arrest process one of the two men says “I will kidnap an American and behead them when I get out of jail.” They are both facing some mickeymouse charges, and are already back on the street. Apparently, the police don’t take these threats that seriously around here. It can’t happen here, right? Wake up you idiots, it is already happening!

Both men face Criminal mischief and battery charges.

Ladies and gentlemen of Florida, where the hell were your conceal permit holders? I know it is a bar, and I believe there are rules about having weapons at the bar, allowing for that, I’ll ask, why didn’t you go to your vehicle? One of these men just threatened to behead an American, and as would be expected, our law enforcement officials think nothing of it, they are both already out of jail. Do you think either of them was investigated? I bet you not! How sick to your stomach would it make you if these guys went on to actually commit a beheading because they were released on battery charges? Knowing full well that this could have been prevented, would you be able to sleep at night if they did this? Whether drunk or not, these men need to be held responsible for their actions.

The enemies of America are carrying out beheadings on a regular basis. Our enemies within America have already begun carrying out beheadings within our lands. These two guys were drunk, and they got away from the scene before the cops showed up. Imagine how a well planned, staged execution with guns, bombs, and sober individuals would go? They’d never catch them. In addition one of these guys specifically said he will carry out a beheading, yet he was released. This is truly unbelievable, the sheep in this country are bringing us all down with them. Drunk or not, you should not be able to make a threat like that, only to have it overlooked. Sheep, sheep, sheep! You make me sick!

How many times will we have to say this? When seconds count, the police are minutes away! Even when they do arrive, and arrest the person, they are hit with these ridiculous charges, and back on the street within few hours. Give me a break ladies and gentlemen! Get your guns, stop counting on the government to protect you!

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