Woman Challenges Border Patrol

These days it seems to me that people are continually pushing the boundaries with law enforcement. There are times when the law is wrong, and there are times when the civilian is wrong.

In this video you observe a woman attempting to challenge some border patrol agents. From the moment you hear her first few words, her tone is very confrontational.

If you touch me I will sue you!

Well, here is a surprise for you lady, law enforcement can and will touch you, and you probably won’t be getting anything out of a lawsuit. If you try and “fight back” then you have assaulted a federal agent, and odds are that things will not go in your favor. You can scream like a banshee, you can cry, you can yell, do whatever you want in hopes of creating a reaction from the listeners, but if you are wrong, you are going down.

From what I have seen in this video, these agents were well behaved, and the woman was being uncooperative. She continued to challenge and provoke the officers until she apparently got what she wanted, and even then she continued going off at the mouth. Even using a term that many would find offensive.

Are you retarded?

People, when dealing with police, your best bet is to cooperate. If she did nothing wrong, the dogs would come in, sniff around, and then she’d go on her way. She could then file a grievance through the proper channels, but her day just got worse because of her own behavior. Scream all you want lady, had you cooperated with these seemingly well behaved agents, you wouldn’t be in this situation.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8SZOTY8RSI]

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