Woman With A Skull Axe Shot By Police

Okay, we all know that police officers can and have made mistakes. We also know that some of them can and do have bias. Finally, we know that MOST of them are good people who are just doing their jobs.

This case right here, is a case where an officer is just doing his job. Look at the video, it is crystal clear evidence. There is nothing that you can say which would change what we can clearly see here.

Leronda Sweatt was aggressively coming after officer James Spray, she was walking towards him, hot stepping, with what I perceive as a clear intent to attack. The officer backed up until he hit the other squad car! There simply is no other way that this could have went. You expect him to run away from her, turn his back? Let himself get hacked to death? Hell no!

In this case, just like that last one we covered here, it is my belief that this was a clean shooting.

Of course her family members will always say that “it could have been handled differently.” And I do agree, Leronda should not have come after an officer with a damn skull axe.

I’m sorry for the loss of life, but this officer did the right thing.