Woman pouring bleach on men on train

What can I say about this? I watched the video, and I’m extremely surprised that this woman didn’t get that bottle shoved down her throat. Let me be clear, I do not condone violence against anyone, especially against women. However, who the fuck does she think she is to go around pouring fucking chemicals on the crotch area of random strangers?

Whatever the fuck was in that bottle would end up on her as well. I don’t think that it would even be a voluntary or thought out thing, my instincts would just take over. I’d snatch that fucking bottle from her hand, and pour that shit on her too. Whatever damage she may doing to me, I’d be doing right back to her. No way she does that shit and gets away with it. This chick is out of her damn mind.

This should be considered an assault, and since this idiot posted this online and shared it with the world, I hope that she is punished for it. It’s one thing to complain, talk, or asking a dude to close his legs. I mean fellas, lets not be assholes and take up more than one seat, you really ain’t that big down there. However, when this stupid ass pours dangerous chemicals on another human being, she’s gone too damn far and retaliation is a must.

I’m not entirely convinced that this was real, but it might be. I’m just surprised at how passive these Russian dudes were about it. However, she is really hot, and whether you like it or not, men are more likely to let shit slide if a woman is really hot. I wonder what her response would be to this statement though? She claims that no one has sued her or filed a police report, and that she doesn’t think anyone would over a pair of jeans. I’d do it solely on principle, that shit she did is dangerous! Well, assuming it’s real of course.

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Angel Rodriguez

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