Women Shoots Burglar. Family Angry.

There is no disputing that young black men are killed in our society. It seems to happen disproportionate to other races, although some would have you believe otherwise. Then you encounter a story like this one where another young black man is shot and killed. Though the details are still sketchy, and we don’t have all of the facts, the online debates have already started.

This will end up being another “he said she said” type of situation. The home owner will say that her life felt threatened, and the family will say that she didn’t have to shoot him. There will be the usual fight between the gun owners, and the anti gun people. Although in this case, unlike the Trayvon Martin shooting, there might actually be some video footage?

The family is angry, and questioning why she shot him. This is where video and audio footage come into play. We’ll have to wait and see what comes out. Here’s the bottom line though, and I’m going to be brutally honest, and I know that some of you will not like this. But if you don’t break into people’s houses, you decrease the odds that you¬†will get shot doing so.

The guy’s family is upset, they said that “He had goals.” One of them said “You gotta understand, people in the hood have to get theirs how they need to. Clothes for school and so on.” I feel for this family, but there are consequences to those criminal actions. I am sorry that a kid lost his life over some petty crime, and if he needed clothes, he should have gone about it differently. Florida is a right to carry state, and it is a stand your ground state, which means, people can and will shoot you. This is the end result of committing a crime in a state where people are heavily¬†armed. If you choose to live this type of a life, then you choose the possible consequences.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know all about systemic oppression, poverty, and the fact that this young man could have been shot and killed simply for walking while black. This isn’t about that, we are all, (most of us) aware of this. However, he did commit a crime, and without the video footage, I cannot say whether or not this shooting was justified, but saying he needed clothes is not a valid response. He took risk, and paid a high price. We’ll see what comes down in terms of further details. My condolences go out to all involved.

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