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Business Review – Astoria Bowl


Business Review – Astoria Bowl

We went here during the “Yelp Triboro Bus tour”. By this stop I think we were all plenty buzzed, and got more buzzed!

I enjoyed this place. I felt the bar area was quite spacious, the sliders were delicious and the music was fun. The bartenders and staff were quite friendly and engaged us in fun conversation.

They had a few drink specials for us during Yelp Drink Weeks. I don’t recall the name of my drink (as I mentioned, buzzed) but it was what we called “the blue drink”. Had a coconut base to it and it was delicious.

I’m not a huge fan of bowling, so I didn’t get to really experience that part, but it appears as though everyone else enjoyed it. I was busy drinking and dancing around in the bar area. And yes, eating sliders…


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