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We came here tonight to celebrate a prominent yelper’s birthday. The first floor is your typical irish bar. The place is relatively spacious and comfortable. I was able to stand around comfortably as well as sit at some points during the evening. The drinks were good, not cheap on the liquor and I didn’t have too much trouble getting any drinks.

The 2nd floor opens up later in the evening and features some cool lounge chairs to chill on as well as some scattered tables and stools for sitting and drinking. In addition they also sport a decent dance floor. They played mostly hip hop and reggae, a nice mix. I enjoyed the music for the most part. It got packed as the evening progressed, but it never reached a point that was insane by my standards.

Upstairs they make drinks as well, but are a little limited in what they have. But nonetheless I got my drink on. The bathrooms are pretty good, although as the night progressed it got messier and messier, but that is to be expected at a bar no?

Overall I think this was a great place to choose for the get together. I had a great time and I’m sure I’ll return to this location again.

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