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We went to Cibar yesterday again. A small group, we went to the very last minute “Meet Thao” UYE. Again, nothing but good things to say about this place. I feel very comfortable here.

Yesterday aside from meeting Thao, we also shot the breeze with Lenny, Ken (Cibar staff), and Ken’s lady . (Forgive me, I don’t think we actually exchanged names Ms Ken, lol.).We were all just hanging out and shooting the breeze. The convo was a nice compliment to our small group.

Lenny hooked me up with complimentary sliders. Now I’m not one to ask for freebies, I speak with Lenny because he’s really cool and I love the guy’s energy. Since I first met him I just loved the dudes vibe. I don’t befriend people for any hookups or what not. I believe in paying my own way, and its a business, businesses are not run on charity. But hell yeah I’m down for some sliders bro! Woot woot! Thanks Lenny, you are the man!

I was recounting with Ken on that night when we were chest bumping.
Lol. I was surprised he remembered me too. So many people come into a bar, but I guess not everyone is chest bumping. I guess I need to thank Jeff for pushing me to do it.

Now on to those sliders. Delicious! If you haven’t had them, next time you hit Cibar try them out! A few hours later I was hungry again so I decided to try the pizza, it’s light, tasty, and overall deliciousness.

The drinks were not watered down. I had 2 stoli and pineapple and I was good. Light buzz, not drunk, but just enough to be happy. $12 will get a nice stiff drink in a glass.

I don’t live or work near Cibar, but it is my bar of choice for events. I love the place. I take the train ride and the walk to go there, its worth the trek for me. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my favorite days to go. It’s not too crazy and you can actually talk and enjoy your friend’s company. The other nights it get crowded as do all bars in NYC during the weekend.

I’ve been to quite a few bars, and I love Cibar more than any of the other ones.

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