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I’m Puertorican. I was raised eating spanish food. That being said I believe I have a genetically enhanced ability to know Spanish food when I eat it.

Cocina is the Spanish word for Kitchen, or if used as a verb it means “to cook”. This place has some pretty good food. I live steps from here and I frequent it with my fiancee.

Usually I order the shredded beef with rice. It’s my staple food when eating Spanish food, it is the tool I use to determine if I will return to the place or not. My fiancee will often mix it up, she likes to try different things.

Though we are usually happy with the food and service here, I don’t know if I would classify this spot as an ethnic Spanish place. To me it feels and tastes more like a fusion. It’s definitely Spanish, but they have a bit of “American” style to them. This isn’t a bad thing, but just something to note.

The appetizers are quite delicious, give a try to those little burgers they serve. Mmmm. You are also given this fried plantain chip dish to pick on while they prepare your meal. It’s very good, but quite salty. Lately I ask them to leave out the salt, the sauce they provide with it is more than sufficient for great taste.

I definitely recommend this place for a delicious hybrid Spanish meal.

(Please note, when I say “Spanish”, I don’t mean “Traditional Spain”. I say Spanish as in Latino.)

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