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Urbanspoon – Cong Ly Restaurant

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Urbanspoon – Cong Ly Restaurant


Cong Ly on Urbanspoon
Chinatown, a place where there are a lot of Chinese people. Always packed, always busy. You’ll find many different types of asian cuisine in this neighborhood, mostly run by chinese.

So we decided we wanted vietnamese, we asked our jeweler Johnny what place he recommended for a fast, great tasting vietnamese restaurant. He said turn the corner and try Cong Ly.

For appetizer we had summer rolls, they tasted fresh and good. Typical summer roll. My fiancee has a noodle dish and I had grilled chicken over rice with some veggies.

The chicken was good, I enjoyed the meal. As I am eating less carbs these days and more protein I had a second serving of chicken. It’s a relatively small portion so I was still hungry. But if you eat all the rice then you will be full, it’s a hefty portion.

I tried my fiancee’s noodles and they were pretty good.

Service is your typical China town style. They were not friendly, but not mean, just straight up “what can I get for you, and thank you”. Which is fine by me, I was starving and just wanted to eat.

If you like vietnamese style food, and you are ok with the china town service style, then check this place out.

One thing that I noticed, is that the bathroom is in the back by the kitchen, and when I went there I noticed some food items sitting on a tray that didn’t look very sanitary, it actually made me feel like puking. But I said to myself, don’t look dude, don’t look. They are all like this or worst. My fiancee said she thought it looked clean back there compared to other places, so I just buried the vision in my head…. I didn’t get sick or anything, so it’s probably safe…



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