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We came here for breakfast. My nephews were super happy, apparently going to Denny’s is a big deal in Florida. Hahaha.

We had a nice waitress, as usual I shifted on the charm and humor and I had the bubbly happy girl giggling and laughing up a storm. My brother in law and my sister were both shocked with how friendly I was. It surprises them that I would be so outgoing and funny with a perfect stranger.

I told them that some people are not very nice and react negatively, but once I sense that negative vibe I shift gears into all business mode. Her energy was great and made the otherwise bland experience more fun.

I had my usual, an omelette with some veggies, turkey bacon and hash browns. Now here they put a twist on it and push cheese on the hash browns. Ok, I can dig it.

My hash browns were good, but they were burnt to a crisp on some parts. That was pretty weak, not very cool. Still edible, but definitely burnt. the omelette was ok, same as always. Though they gave me an awful lot of mushrooms in place of any other veggies, I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms but if you are, I’d assume you would take this as a plus.

We got some jugs of juice and it was good. The servers were attentive here and were all pleased with the service, even my nephews were happy. “That was sooooo good Tio (uncle in spanish).

I treated everyone as I was their guest, and I also donated to a “feed the children” collection they were doing. The friendly waitress returned and told me that I won a free “superplay meal” for the next time I come in. She said “Sir your kind heart has paid off”. That was nice. I enjoyed the place.

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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