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Urbanspoon Blog – Fornino Pizza


Urbanspoon Blog – Fornino Pizza


Fornino on Urbanspoon

I went to Williamsburg today for the first time ever. I walked around, took in the area and decided that it’s very much like the village. There are so many hipsters, everyone doing their own thing. A paradise.

Humongous sunglasses, bright neon colors, it’s cool to be different in this neck of the woods. If any of those guys came to my old neighborhoods they’d be shot on sight. It’s always refreshing to see people being who they are without any repercussions, lord knows I couldn’t.

Even so I felt a bit out of place here, being prior military I am still the clean cut, shirt in the pants type of guy. But I’m working on it. I bought a pair of comfy crocs. LOL. Right. So on to the review.

I passed by this place and they made a fantastic claim “The best pizza in the world”. Being the pizza buff that I am I decided that this was the place I’d have lunch. So I went to asylum studios, met with Erick and planned out my tattoo.

Then on my way back towards the train I made a pit stop at Fornino to try out the best pizza in the world. It was empty, quiet, a female smiled and greeted me on the way out, and upon entering a waitress asked how many. I replied just me.

“You may sit where you like”, so I did. I decided that I wanted a caesar salad along with my pizza, I went with the margherita and a ginger ale.

The caesar salad was pretty good, I enjoyed the freshness of the lettuce and the dressing was delicious. Rather than traditional croutons they put a piece of bread on the side, which suited me just fine as it was also tasty.

The pizza was delightful, the sauce had a taste that satisfies the palate, the cheese was just right and the pizza bread was firm enough to fold, yet pliable enough to not break. The sauce did not overrun the dough and soak it, everything was just perfect. Cost was the going rate for something like this.

I enjoyed it, and as I explore further out of my comfort zone, I will be certain to revisit this location. Hmm hmm good!



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