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☆☆☆☆☆ Zero stars for this place.

Today was the second time I come to this location. Still experimental phase.

First time I got a simple haircut, not too short, so it’s easy to pull off and hide imperfections. However I felt it was done too fast to be done right. But I let it go.

Today I went in for a fade, and the guy wanted to close, I told him, I’d leave and come back another day. He insisted that I stay, so I complied. I asked him if the quality of work will suffer because he wants to leave. He said no.

He got to work, the quickest fade I have ever received in my life, probably faster than even the military high and tights I used to get. I asked again, can you please make sure everything is clean, because that was pretty damn fast, you may be good, but that was fast. He looked and handed me a mirror. What was visible was ok, so I left.

I get home and perform a more thorough examination. WTF man! Behind my ear I find super huge patches of hair. Seriously man? Did I not request, very nicely might I add, that you please look it over and make sure it’s ok. How do you miss such a huge patch?

I blame myself. I should never go anywhere but my regular barber shop on Jamaica. “Best Barber Shop”, look it up on my reviews, those guys always take care of my head. But they are a bit far from me so I decided to try this neighborhood guy. A shop hidden and barely visible unless you know about it.

Lesson learned the hard way yet again! Don’t go anywhere but your regular guy. Now I get to take out my damn machine and try to fix up these damn patches and mess this guy left behind.

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