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I loved this place. I haven’t been here for awhile, but I plan on going this week. There was a gentleman that worked there named Greg, older chap, soft spoken, intelligent, patient, just someone that I really liked. I’ve been meaning to stop by just to say hello to him. Just an upstanding fella. I hope he’s still there, it’s been awhile.

I went to La Casa Day Spa several times for their Pedidetox and colonic treatments. I was going through a period of cleansing and I decided to try these methods.

I apologize as I don’t recall the therapist’s name, but she was ever so gentle and understanding of my fears. As a straight male, apparently an Alpha, the idea of something going up inside my rear was not very appealing. Yet the purported benefits of said treatments compelled me to go along and try it.

Now though I can’t honestly say that getting water pumped up my rear and cleaning out my colon made any difference in my life, the experience at La Casa was not bad. I am returning after all. Back then I did about 4 sessions of cleansing. Is it weird, yes, it’s a little weird feeling. Did I “enjoy” it, not really, it’s a really weird feeling…

The pedidetox is pretty much a little bucket with some powder, you put your feet in and it “pulls out toxins”, this is evident by the change in water color. I have to say the same thing for this treatment, I have no idea if it really works, but the experience and the facility are the objects of my review.

Whether or not these treatments actually work towards improving your health is irrelevant for this review, if you are looking to perform any of them at all, then I’d recommend this location.

I’ll be back this week as I’d like to go through another detox period and I will provide an update.

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