Business Review – Madison Square Garden (MSG)

This is a venue that is somewhat difficult to review objectively.
Reason being that they don’t hold any one event here, they hold music events, sports events, and more.

Given that fact, at any given point in time you could come here and have a great time, or just the same you could come here to an event and have a not so great experience. Yesterday I went to my first basketball game, Knicks vs. Pacers. Of course the Knicks lost. What else can one expect from such a great team?

*My review is based on a “basketball game”, and need not apply to the other events they hold here.*

The seating was somewhat tight and rather uncomfortable for all of us, but we made due. There was a guy behind me screaming at the top of his lungs for most of the show, and it was actually hurting my ears. Now I understand it’s a sporting event and noise is expected, however his positioning was really painful for my ear!

Food was scarce and not for the health conscious, and same applies to drinks. Unless you like Beer, Diet Coke, or Regular coke, then you are squared away (cause that’s all they had). At the very end a water person showed up, gee, thanks.

Overall I enjoyed the experience, and I would definitely go to another game, so long as someone else pays for the good seats again. I would not go to a basketball game of my own accord, on my own dime. It’s just not something I enjoyed enough to pay for.

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