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I was sent up to our Jersey office to work on the Disaster Recovery site. Easy day, a few users, several issues, but no pressure, and a quiet environment. A nice welcome change from the constant pressure and noise of the trading floor.

I never get used to people screaming across desks at each other, hollering orders, screaming for support, phones ringing, machines beeping, I just can’t get used to this environment.  It just goes against my quiet nature. Contrary to what people may believe about my personality, I’m actually shy and quiet. My outspoken way is a self defense and preservation mechanism. Fake it till you make it right?

We ordered lunch from this place on the firm. That’s right, special project, special treatment. I have to say, considering that it was takeout, and it came rather quickly, the food was pretty good.

I had steak, mashed potatoes and carrott balls. Yum.. I asked for the steak to be “well done” because I’m not a fan of bloody food, and as expected it was more like “medium well done”. I always expect them to go 1 level less than what I ask, so I always ask for the highest level of burn….

The mashed potatoes were pretty tasty, I enjoyed them. The carrots were pretty good as well. Not a bad place at all… If you end up in Jersey, in the harborside area, give this spot a try.. It was pretty good..

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