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So I’m a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay, I watch Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, the whole bunch of them.  I love his attitude, his persona, and the wonderful things he does for failing restaurants. Gordon is the man.

Naturally myself and my wife have been wanting to go to one of his restaurants forever, this was a belated birthday gift for me. Wife surprised me today with this. She asked me if I was cool with a friend of hers tagging along, and I was cool with that, in fact I invited new yelper Kenny T to come join us as we have been trying to coordinate hanging out as well.

We arrive around 630pm, and we were told our entire party should be there before we could be seated. Yeah Kenny, that’s you bro. LOL. My wife and our bud sat down at The London Bar and had a few drinks. When our buddy Kenny finally arrived we were taken to our tables.

We were given an appetizer green melon like soup in a tiny glass, compliments of the chef (thank you). It was different, but actually pretty good. I wasn’t going to even try it, but I decided that I’m paying a pretty penny (well the wife is) for us to eat here, so I’m going to try everything.  It was actually good, though it’s green. LOL..

We ordered and shared 3 appetizers, me and my wife went the lobster soup thingy, my buddy had the tomato soup and the other diner had the duck appetizer.

Lobster: Comical. The piece of lobster was hilariously tiny, we just looked at each other and just laughed. Hilarious. But it tasted very good. It came with a broth, and the broth was delicious. The waste also a tiny sundried tomato, it tasted good as well.  But again, if you order this, seriously expect a tiny freaking dish.. Hilarious..

Tomato soup: I only had a few baby tomatoes from this dish, I have to say, those were some pretty good tomatoes…

Duck: I had a few pieces of the duck from my buddy’s dish, I’m not a fan of duck at all, just never been into it. However I must say my only exposure to it in the past was in chinese restaurants. Yuk. But here, it was pretty damn good. Delicious in fact.

As main dish we all unanimously chose the signature Chef Ramsey Beef Wellington. Oh my goodness. This entree was delicious.  It comes with pureed potatoes and some green beans with onions. The puree was to die for, we all just relished in the flavor and absolutely adored it. Now green beans, what can anyone do with green beans? Chef Ramsey answers that, these were cooked with a special tasty sauce and onion, served warm and delicious.  Unbelievable how something so basic can be so delicious.

Finally the beef wellington. Now when I saw this I thought to myself “why did I order this”. Beef came out, wrapped up in some bread like pastry, and I hate sweet and sour stuff so I immediately expected the worst. WRONG..  This dish was delicious.  The beef, the pastry, the ham at the bottom of the bread, everything was cooked to perfection and absolutely delicious.

I’m glad I finally got to try out Chef Ramsey’s cooking, this place was amazing. The decor is very trendy and modern looking, very cool. The service upon arrival was very professional, but felt cold. They were nice and answered my questions, but they didn’t really care for my humor. They simply answered the questions very dryly, professionally and like robots. I guess that’s good for tools, but it’s not good for a dynamic person like me, I felt uncomfortable talking to them. (Awkward turtle).

At the table, there were a few moments our glasses were empty, and the service also seemed cold. Our waitress did try and humor us a tad, we were a lively table and need some personality to work with. But overall I’d say they were very professional, but also robots. One thing they could work on is being a bit more sociable.

That aside, I loved the place and I’d return again one day soon I hope. Delicious food, and it didn’t break the bank. $80 dollar or so per person for the evening.

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