Business Review – AMC Loews Kips Bay 15

I think that in NYC this is probably one of the best theatres out. There are many others, some bigger, some smaller, but this one has the perfect balance of everything.

For instance, if you go to E-walk, which I think is the lowes on 42nd street, you’ll get a mixed bag of people, but overall that place is thugged out. GHETTO….

So you figure, folks that are thugging don’t want to take really long walks, when you walk around with “Yo pants on the ground” you can’t walk too far, otherwise they will fall down.  So it’s an accepted fact that thugs like to keep it simple and go to easily accessible locations.

This place is easy to commute to, but also requires taking a somewhat long walk from the subway to Kips Bay (which keeps the thuggy’s away).  The theatre is somewhat clean, it’s spacious, the staff is well, the staff is the staff.. LOL… They have IMAX which is cool, and made for a really cool experience watching the last harry potter last night compliments of my firm.

I don’t like smelling weed when I’m watching a film, nor do I like people talking, acting up or causing trouble when I’m watching a film. So I enjoy this location whenever I go to watch a movie.

After the movie there are many nice restaurants in the area for you to attend.  I love the area.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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