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At the Bar “One and One”, there is a lower level, I came here for the “Nexus lounge” downstairs. Mike Geffner holds the “Inspired Word Open Mic” here. I have been putting myself out there reading my works at various open mic events. This one was very nice and quite professional.

The open mic features music, comedy, story tellers, rants, and of course poetry. Pretty much anything goes. Apparently some very famous people have come through here and judging from the talent that was put on display last night, I am not surprised.

I saw a couple of hilarious comics, they had everyone “LOL’ing” throughout their routines. This young lady came up and wow’d us all with her amazing vocals, light humor and her awesome guitar riffs.. We had singers sing beautiful songs and the poets were being poetic! I mean there was a little bit of everything at this event.

30 slots for performers, 5 minutes each. The host Nathan P kept things going all night with humor, great introductions and overall fun dialogue. “The next performer coming up to the mic, well I met this brother about, well, 10 minutes ago upstairs. He said he was nervous but he was going to read and kill it, Welcome Inspired Word newcomer Angel R”.

Everyone had time to read, no rushing, no pressure. They hold drink specials until 8pm. Overall I had a really good time. One of my long time friends came with me and she provided me support. I really enjoyed the evening and I intend to become an “Inspired word” regular. Great vibe. Great time. Love it.



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