I’ve been here about 3 times. First of all, it’s not cheap. If you are an average income person like myself, then this place is for “special occasions” only. I do love the food here, but I is a poor folk.. LOL…

Ok, the most memorable dish they had was the rock shrimp. I’ll be damned, but I can’t remember anything else except the rock shrimp. The sauce, the preparation, the crunchiness to it, everything about it was sheer perfection.

Unfortunately I’m not kidding when I say it’s all that I remember, I have a pretty bad memory these days and I can’t remember what else we had. I want to say I had the sea bass, and I recall it being delicious, yet I can’t remember if it was in philly or nyc.

My fiancee had the halibut on one of our trips there, and she thoroughly enjoyed it as per her vivid admission right now. She has a much better ability than I do to recall details. We both agree and do recall the staff being very professional and nice. Amazingly so. I was a few minutes late and they still promptly sat us with no issue.

I met Morimoto himself at the restaurant, and unlike Nobu and Jackie Chan (also at Nobu’s place) Mr. Morimoto was willing to take a picture with me. Nice guy, great food. Forgive my bad memory, but if you go, make sure you get some of that rock shrimp tempura! I want some right now! Hungry!

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