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Okay so I didn’t have a hot dog, I had a chicken sandwich. Please note, it was breaded and deep fried. This is not supporting to my diet, however I wanted to eat something quick, and I expected it to be a grilled chicken sandwich.

Humor time, tonight I went to a poetry reading and watched my friend Tina  perform. So she was with me here and I thought we were in “grays papaya”, I mean isn’t it all the same? So Tina asks “is this grays papaya”. Oops. Lol. I’m glad they didn’t throw French fries at us. Lol.

The chicken sandwich was ok, but it was very freaking hot in the middle, it burned my mouth. Note for those guys, it was too damn hot. The French fries were ok, crunchy and crispy, not soggy, this is a good thing. Yum. I had an orange drink to chase it down with, that was ok.

There are little stands to eat your food, but no seats. It’s an open sort of space. In a pinch the food was ok. Would I eat here again? Sure, if I want something quick to eat, it’s acceptable. Next time I’ll try a dog. Woof woof.

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