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Pescatore on UrbanspoonDuring Hurricane Irene I was required to stay at the W hotel in 50th street. Mind you I’m not complaining, it was a ok over there.

In any case as I’m sure you can assume, most businesses were shut down. The bars, the restaurants, pretty much anything one can do in the city was shut down.

I came here sunday with 2 friends for dinner. By this time a few of the restaurants were open, but not all. We walked and walked and eventually decided to try this spot.

We ordered our food and our appetizers came out pretty fast. We shared some calamari, croquettes and bread. The calamari was pretty good, better than most I’ve had in a while actually, and the rest of the group agreed. The croquettes were also pretty good, the bread, well, it’s bread.

Our main courses took FOREVER to arrive. I mean nearly an hour to get our food. Now we asked around the 45 minute mark or so about it, the lady said that the kitchen was backed up. Now I want to believe this and give them the benefit of the doubt, the place was packed because it was one of the only few open. However we noticed several groups that came in well after us receiving their food items first. So I just don’t know, I’ll give them a pass on this one and not drop the star, based on circumstances.

The soda was a bit watered down, I had ginger ale. For my main dish I had pork chops and potatoes. My colleague was quite unhappy with his dish, he expected pasta and received only a small piece of fish and some weird veggie balls of something. I offered him some potatoes, I also offered some to our other friend.

The dish itself was good, once we finally received it. The service was decent. I found that our water was also refilled, however food wise the service left something to be desired. Also we were freezing in there, temperature control people, temperature. Like I said, the meal itself was good, I enjoyed my pork chop and potatoes, it was tasty and good.

Truth be told, there is a strong chance that I won’t be returning here, simply because there was nothing that blew my mind. No reason to take the trek to the location.

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