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I have awoken extremely early this Sunday morning. 730am, unheard of for me.
I sit in the subway waiting, preparing for my day with my son. No train in
sight. Let’s write then. Admire my skills, I write these long reviews from
my iPhone. That’s gangsta!
During the July 4th Holiday not one of my friends invited me or my family
to a BBQ. Not one. What happened? I remembered the days when we did things
together, shared time, etc. No more it would seem. I wrote a status update
to twitter and Facebook pointing this out, then later received a message
about a picnic faraway later that day. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

I swore I would have BBQ that weekend! I would have BBQ by God! My wife
was visiting her sister, I was home alone. I decided to find out what my
mom and little sister were doing. Nothing? You are free? Ok,we are going
to a BBQ restaurant.

My mom cannot walk too far, she has knee problems so I searched for a
place that was easily accessible from the subway, not too far for her
and not ridiculously out of the way for me either. During my search I
came upon Rub BBQ. (Oh you dirty dog you, I know what you are thinking!)

I phoned ahead to make reservations, 6 or more only, anything less and
you have to just show up. “Don’t worry sir, we should have no trouble
accommodating you and your party.” Great!

Upon arriving we were greeted by a very cheery server, she showed us to
our window side seats, this was nice because it was a beautiful sunny day.
I told my mom that I would have a hard time focusing on conversation while
in that location, people watching, it overtakes me, lol.
We ordered drinks, I had a Ginger ale, the drink didn’t taste watered down
or bad. Was good.

My little sister wanted to have empanadas for appetizers, very well. You get
2 with your order. 1 whole one for my sister and one split with me and my
momma. No idea why she gets the whole one. Hehehe. We both just told her to eat it.
For my main dish I had baby back ribs and some sort of sausages. It’s a combo,
$5 extra for the ribs,it’s considered a special 2nd choice. The ribs were ok,
I remember feeling slightly disappointed with the amount on meat on the baby back
ribs. The sausage was super spicy and salty, I couldn’t eat it. I gave it to my
mom for her doggy bag.

The selection of sides were not very great here, for my taste anyway. I had to
end up eating french fries because I didn’t want anything else. Those were “ok”
as well, nothing spectacular. The cornbread was pretty good, I liked it. My mom
and sister seemed to enjoy there dishes.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll give this spot another shot in the future, but honestly,
it’s unlikely. I enjoy good sides with my meal, and that could be the dealbreaker
here.. Whatever happened to mashed potatoes guys???

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