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So I wanted to get a shirt where I could introduce myself to friends at our karaoke events and any other events. So I dug this place up and after receiving a prompt reply from the owner via email I decided to give it try.

I went in with the intent to get 1 introduction shirt, but I left with 2 shirts, 1 for myself and one for my son. In addition I’m working on a 2nd yelp introduction shirt for myself that I will probably have printed tomorrow.

There is nothing fancy here, it’s just a hot press and regular printing sticky paper. Literally the type I used before in making similar shirts at home. But I didn’t have that beautiful hot press at home!

I sat down with a gentleman, we discussed some ideas, I emailed him some pictures and we were in business. He was patient and willing to entertain me and my silly ideas. We tried several ideas until I was satisfied and then we printed.

I will return, and this will be my shirt printing location henceforth. I recommend the place, the experience was good.


I emailed him last night, he replied today, I walked in, waited 5 minutes and left with my newly pressed “Yelp” shirt. Dude, I market and participate the hell out of this site! Show some appreciation!

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