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Business Review – The Pump (Follow up)


Business Review – The Pump (Follow up)

I’m a little sore with these guys. If you know me, then you know that I am on a very strict time and eating schedule. The last few days I’ve have to walk away from the Pump because of some “family meal” or what not.

Most recently was yesterday, and I ended up meeting Greek Street Meat, Mom and Pop, they are really good though, just not as healthy. In any case I showed up around 11:15am, I saw a bunch of the team huddled in the middle of restaurant, maybe eating, not sure. They wave me off when they saw me, and pointed towards a sign. I looked at the sign and it said “Family Meal” or something to that effect from “10am to 11am”.

Ok, it’s 1115am dude, I’m hungry let me in. I pointed towards my hand to symbolize for them to check the time, but nobody reacted, they just carried on. I got a bit annoyed, and walked away to get my meal elsewhere.

Part of me wonders if Adam and company know about this thing, or if it’s some hustle these guys have going on secretly. In any case, that’s what this review is for, to bring light to my annoyance. I’m a frequent customer of this place, have been for years, and didn’t appreciate having to adjust my meal plan last minute like that.

I went back later on, because I had a free meal from my frequent use card, so I had a free meal and bought my drink. I realized that my 12 ounce orange juice from this spot was over $5! Holy crap, no more oj for me. That’s too much $ man.

Today I brought in lunch, and I am going to explore my future options for healthy places in the area. Clearly I need options, Fuel and Muscle Maker Grill are in the area. If I end up getting kicked away again, then I may just have to migrate my patronage.



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