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I spent sometime in Miami last week. Dinner at the hotel was $80+, very expensive. I was concerned that I would end up having to pay this every single night. However, we found this jewel.

I totally love this place. The food was great, the staff was friendly, and it was cheap.

Almost every morning we went here and had eggs, ham, and bread. We came for lunch and dinner a few times as well. I had a variety of cuban food ranging from a “cubano” (cuban sandwich) to ropa vieja (shredded beef). The yellow rice with the meats was good! Also in way of appetizers and side items we ate the Relleno de papa, empanaditas, maduros, and even a special cuban soda. Let’s not forget the bread, I mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it again. The bread was delicioso..

I really enjoyed coming here and I’m glad I discovered this place. Best of all most of our combined meals came in under $20 everytime! Even dinner. Now how’s that for saving a nice chunk of change.

Check it out, personally I LOVED it.. My wife did too..

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