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Tonight I had scheduled a belated birthday dinner for my friend Samantha, we had chosen to go to “Austin’s Steak and Ale house”. That was before we realized they had the game on. It was packed and crazy in there. Time to move along…..

So we opted to go to “Tu Casa Restaurant”. A Peruvian (Spanish) restaurant.

In any case, for starters we shared fried calamari, chicken wings, and my son wanted empanadas. I only tried the calamari and passed on everything else as I am in training and practicing a restricted diet. The calamari was crunchy, good, and pretty much your usual fried calamari.

As a main dish I had the “tu casa special”, something along those lines, a steak with an egg on top, a slice of sweet plaintain, a small piece of chicharon and some rice and beans.

Let me tell you, the rice was delicious. Out of everything they served me, the yellow rice blew my mind. I simply loved it. Now the other items. Well, those tasted good, but the eating experience left a little something to be desired.

However I feel I am mostly for the other item’s shortcomings. I did say “please make that egg very well done, also make the steak very well done”.. So, they made them VERY WELL DONE! Too much so to the point the food was rubbery and chewy. I feel I am partially to blame, however I would expect the cook to know how to make it well done without making it into rubber.

Aside from that the food was good. My fiancee had the garlic shrimp, and that was pretty tasty. My son had the chicken tenders and fries. Sam had the pork chop which I liked, though she didn’t seem to fond of them.

All in all I found the restaurant to be pretty good and I will try it again, if only for that delicious rice!!!!



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