Business Review – V & T Pizzeria & Restaurant

At one period I was considering moving to this area. One evening I took a trip out here to look around and familiarize myself with the hood. This was before I realized how expensive the area was and before I learned that I was priced out of this neighborhood. At least in so far as buying a property goes. I can sort of afford it, but goodbye to any form of life outside the apartment. I decided it’s simply not worth it. I don’t want to be “house poor”.

I recall having had their garlic bread, which is sort of like a long hero cut in half with sauce and garlic on it. It was good. Hmmm garlic bread. I had penne a la vodka and it was also quite delicious. The servings are pretty big, you can in fact share the food or have at make 2 meals from a dish at this place.

The service was good, I recall the server being friendly and courteous. Now you know I judge a good japanese place by their Spicy tuna, then you must know I judge an italian place by their caesar salad, and their salad was very flavorful. They get a passing grade on the caesar!

I felt the atmostphere was nice and cozy. I felt comfortable eating here by my lonesome, and I’m certain taking someone here would be nice. I can see some romance brewing here. I loved the place, it’s definitely too far and I wouldn’t really go up their unless I had a good reason, but if you are from or in the area, I’d definitely recommend the place.

It’s been awhile since I went, but I’m certain that places like this don’t change too much with time.

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Angel Rodriguez

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