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After I watched @vocapeoplenyc the first time, I immediately fell in love with them. The show was amazing! I was very grateful to yelp for hooking me up with tickets and exposing me to this great show.

Right after getting home that night I wrote a raving review, then I subscribed to them on twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I also checked out their home website. The misses said I was a nerd, but she enjoyed the show just as much as I did! Lol.

Several weeks later I saw a twitter post stating “The first 30 people to name all the female Vocas would receive 2 free tickets to the show”.

Having become a huge fan I immediately named all 3 of the females by the Voca names. Later it occurred to me that perhaps they wanted the actual actor’s names. Aside from Laura Dadap, I confess I did not know the other actual names. So I did a quick google search and acquired the other female names. Is it cheating if everyone else did the same thing? Lol.

I posted those responses as well in hopes I could get in. Later that day I received a tweet asking me which day I would like to attend the show. I got in! I chose Saturday 3pm as I would be bringing my son this time. I thought my sister and mom would enjoy the show, so I asked the voca twitter admin if I could have a 3rd ticket sitting next to the other 2 and that I would pay for it. They said they would try.

Next day I receive a twitter message that I have my 3rd ticket and that I can pay for it at the box office. I arrive to pick up the tickets, and turns out these folks hooked me up with 3 free tickets.
Initially I thought the box office teller made a mistake. I asked her to check her records, because I was supposed to pay for that 3rd ticket and I didn’t want her to get in trouble. She said “no sir, all
3 are comped”.

I was pleasantly surprised and tweeted voca thanking them. Very cool on their part. I was fully prepared to pay for ticket # 3 but they hooked us up. I ended watching the show with my son and my sister, mom didn’t want to rush.

The kids appeared to love the show. We actually got lucky and happened to be standing outside as the vocas arrived. They spoke voca, I asked (in english) if we could get a picture and they agreed (in voca). My son posed and got a shot in with them.

During the show Laura Dadap came by and invited my son to participate, but he was shy and said no. Dude!!! It’s Laura Dadap!! If only he knew my plan to steal her from Tubas and make her my own! This was our chance! Epic faiure man! Some wing man he is. Lol.

The show was just as awesome the 2nd time around. We had a blast. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this show, I highly recommend it. It’s a great show! Like I told voca on twitter, this show rivals any show I have seen on broadway.

There are no real props, only a light device, the outfits, and the rest is the sheer talent and power of their amazing voices.

Look them up on YouTube, then go and check out the show, it will be well worth it..

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