Business Review – W New York (Lexington and 49th Location)

Hurricane Irene. You are required to stay in the city Angel, you are on call for disaster recovery. In addition as we are uncertain of the subway situation we need you here so that you may arrive at work bright and early Monday morning.

Though it wasn’t my own choice, I have to say I am not complaining about spending a weekend at the W hotel in Lexington. Not complaining at all.

Of my own accord I would have never experienced a high end midtown NYC hotel room. I have lived in NYC my whole life, it’s just not something I have ever needed. This place goes for over $500 a night, and that was the discounted corporate rate. What? Why would I ever shell out that kind of money for a hotel where I live? Never happen.

So I was able to experience the view of a NYC avenue hotel, albeit rainy and dark. It was still cool to look out the window and see the Lexington avenue streets.

The staff was very professional, I didn’t deal with checkin or checkout as this entire event was organized by management. However whenever I had a question the staff was professional. When I ordered food it was prompt and the servers were also very professional. I had a problem with my music equipment in the room, and I asked a lady that was cleaning a room next door to take a look, it was missing a part, she immediately replaced and made sure it worked.

I recall one conversation where I said to a gentlemen “I’ll do whichever is easier for you”. He looked at me and said “No sir, it is whatever is easier for YOU please, you are our guest”. Definitely professional. This place was on par with Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant in so far as sheer service.

I ordered room service the first night I was there, throughout the day I had a margharita pizza, ceasar salad, linguine with meatballs, and some pieces of bread.

The pizza was pretty good, I liked it. It was more of a gourmet pizza.
It wasn’t greasy or heavy, it was also just about the right size to satisfy me.

Caesar salad was one of those where they don’t cut up the lettuce for you, they simply put in the stems, cover it with Caesar dressing, throw in a big piece of toasted bread, and that’s your salad. I have to say I’m not a big fan of the salad that way.

The linguine and meatballs dish was pretty good. I enjoyed this dish, the flavors were good and overall satisfying.

The hotel room itself was small, but nice and clean. The room was stocked with a mini bar, it contained most anything a human could require. The bathroom was clean as well. For $500 a night it could have definitely been a nicer room, but I think you pay for location and name more than anything here.

Out front in the lobby area the workers offer help in a very professional manner. There is a bar and sitting area, I did not partake because I was on standby all weekend. Plus the space was packed due to the hurricane situation.

If you are staying in the manhattan area, and you wish too experience NYC as a tourist, and you have disposable income, I’d say this is a cool spot to burn some money.

Oh, I almost forgot, you get HBO there so I was able to watch the new episode of True Blood. Yes, it’s the little things. The little things.

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