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This is a deli style place. They make pizza, sandwiches, salads, dishes, breakfast the whole shibang! (So I’m not sure how to spell shibang.)

I sometimes pop by when I want a deli sandwich, ham, cheese lettuce and tomato on a hero toasted is my usual choice. They are not cheap when it comes to providing meat for the sandwich, however being that deli cuts are high in sodium this may prove to be a problem for me.

The last couple of days I’ve purchased a sandwich and have ended up with a nasty headache. Probably due to the high salt content. (I have high blood pressure and take medication for it.) But this is not an issue with the place, the point to highlight is that they are not cheap with the meat. (LOL, cheap with the meat, alright, giggity!)

They have a decent drink selection, protein bars, regular junk food bars, chips, pastries, a little bit of everything can be found here!

The guys that work there are all pretty cool, I usually shoot the breeze with the fellas whilst I wait for my food, and at times I have sat down in the little space in the rear if I need some alone time.

Are you hungry? Want something quick and acceptable based on quick standards? Check this place out.

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