Business Review – Yelp Jail (Third Review)

Hello Haters,

Just a note to those of you trying to keep me in Yelp Jail.

I’ll be at several upcoming events. Even if my account disappeared today, I’d still be attending those and many other events.

If you really hate me, then go find friends elsewhere, because I’m not going anywhere. 🙂 And I will continue to be a physical presence at events

I will give you the victory of taking away my Elite status. Because of you I will probably not get Elite, congratulations. I thank you kindly for that.

Fortunately for me I have a pretty high paying job and I can afford to buy my own food and my own drinks. Imagine that? So UYE’s are good enough for me, I’ve met CM’s, tons of Elites and tons of Non-Elites that are really cool! I don’t need you haters.

You hate that I’ve made many friends, you hate that I made the newsletter, you hate that I am rising up. You are a hater. But I’m here to stay, if not in this form, I’ll return in another. I’m not leaving.

I’ll be enjoying next week in Cancun, then upon my return I’ll be enjoying those events. Angel R is here to stay, so just leave me alone.

I mean noone ill will, yet I cannot understand why so much hate?

Love, ARodomus Prime



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